The Brunello di Montalcino 2012 is now on the market!

In this article you will find what the estates of Montalcino part of our portfolio told us about their Brunello di Montalcino 2012.

Some info
2012 was rated a five star vintage (annata eccezionale – exceptional vintage)

The vintages are evaluated by a commission of 20 very experienced professionals, operating in Montalcino, at the beginning of January of the year following the harvest (of the vintage that is evaluated).

The production rules of Brunello di Montalcino (source: Consorzio Vino Brunello Montalcino)
Brunello di Montalcino was recognized as a DOCG (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin) wine with the Italian Presidential Decree (Decreto Presidente Repubblica) dated 1/7/1980, and various modifications ensued subsequently. The rules established by the regulation in force according to the Decree of 19/5/1998 are as follows:
- Production area: the municipality of Montalcino (province of Siena)
- Variety: 100% Sangiovese (also called “Brunello” in Montalcino)
- Maximum grape yield: 8 tons per hectare
- Ratio of grape yield to wine: 68%
- Minimum aging in wood: 2 years in oak. Minimum finishing in the bottle: 4 months (6 months for the Riserva)
- Colour: intense ruby red tending towards garnet as it ages
- Nose: characteristic intense perfume
- Taste: dry, warm, lightly tannic, robust and harmonious
- Minimum alcohol content: 12.5% Vol.
- Minimum total acidity: 5 grams/litre
- Minimum net dry extract: 24 grams/litre
- Bottling: can only be carried out in the production area
- Release on the market: 5 years after the year of the harvest (6 years for the Riserva)
- Packaging: Brunello di Montalcino can only be sold if it is in Bordelaise shaped bottles

The climate in Montalcino in 2012
The winter was cold with snow, but with very little rain. There were rains in April and in May. After some light rains in mid June there was practically no rain till the end of August. The temperature during the summer was high. At the end of August there was some rain that helped the vines. At the end of August/beginning of September the temperature got lower so that the aromatic compounds of the grapes were favoured, in fact, although it was hot throughout the summer, the wines are fresh (the acidity is good) and fruity and their colour is bright and intense.

The Brunello di Montalcino 2012 of our portfolio

Podere Brizio – Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2012
The vineyards stand north-west of Montalcino at an altitude of 300-350 meters above sea level facing the sea and the Tuscan Maremma. This zone is the warmest in Montalcino. The soil is made up of sandstone and rocky marl so that the wines are mineral and with a good structure.
Brunello di Montalcino 2012 is intense, elegant and suitable for long ageing. It is vinified in a traditional way. After two weeks of spontaneous and natural fermentation, the wine was racked into large French oak casks of a capacity of 54 hectolitres where it matured for 38 months. The wine was then finished in the bottle for 7 months. The colour is ruby red with garnet reflections. The nose is rich, intense, with notes of ripe red fruit, black pepper and cloves. In the mouth it is well balanced, with an excellent acidity that gives liveliness and freshness to a very elegant and complex wine. Spicy notes, such as black pepper, in the aftertaste. The tannins are supple. Match with seasoned cheese, meat dishes and game.
The production was 13,000 bottles

Gianni Brunelli – Le Chiuse di Sotto – Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2012
This Brunello is made from the vineyards standing in the two properties of the estate, Canalicchio and Podernovone. The vineyards of Canalicchio have a north-east exposure, the altitude is 200 meters above sea level and the vines were planted in 1989. The vineyards of Podernovone stand at 350 meters above sea level with a south-west exposure and the vines were planted in 1997.
The following is what Laura Brunelli, owner of the estate, wrote to us:
Report on the 2012 production.
An initial powerful and vigorous vegetative development, due to the plentiful rains in the springtime and to the temperature which was quite mild, required us to carry out practices to contain and select the buds. We also carried out “soft” deleafing at the base of the canopy, where the clusters grow. The climate then changed, the temperature got higher and the rain was scarce starting at the end of the springtime and during the whole productive cycle of the vines. Therefore, we had to maintain the little water supply by working the soil so to contain the evapotranspiration as much as possible. The management of the health of the vines and of the grapes was extremely easy. We then started harvesting a few days early, so not to make the sugar-alcohol content rise too much and so to maintain a good acidity and pH, following the results of the analyses that were carried out. Consequently,  we can assert that the production of our Sangiovese 2012 has been very good. The management of the phases of vinification, extraction of the anthocyanins and maceration of the tannins was very harmonic and simple, the techniques were obviously adequate to the vintage. In the following maturation phase in wood we did our best to maintain the excellent integrity of the wine and to preserve the good fruity aromatic component of a ripe Sangiovese. Laura Brunelli and the Staff
Laura Brunelli, who also manages “Osteria Le Logge”, one of the best restaurants in Siena, suggests to match this wine with a leg of lamb, with a succulent beefsteak, with beef cooked at a low temperature, game such as wild boar or hare, but also with roast duck or with pork.
The production was 14,000 bottles

Podere Scopetone - Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2012
This is the fourth vintage of Brunello produced exclusively by the new owners, Loredana Tanganelli and Antonio Brandi. “2012 is a great vintage for Brunello!” Loredana tells us.
The maceration with the skins and the alcoholic fermentation (20 days) were carried out in a traditional way in stainless steel vats, with daily punching down of the cap. The wine then matured for 24 months in French oak casks of a capacity of 33 hectolitres.
The colour is a deep and bright ruby red, made precious by purple and garnet reflections.
The nose is elegant and rich with evident ripe prune and fresh underbrush berries together with nuances of sweet spices, liquorice and toasted tobacco. An excellent balance stands out on the palate. The wine is fresh and supple at the beginning, then it evolves, supported by compact and ripe tannins, into an intriguing and pleasantly sapid and persistent finish. Ripe fruit notes come back in the aftertaste. This is an elegant and generous wine, which can give a lot of satisfaction for a long time.
Match this wine with game, braised and roast red meat, with seasoned cheese.
The production was 4,500 bottles.

Azienda Agricola Uccelliera
Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2012 Uccelliera

Andrea Cortonesi, owner of the estate, tells us:  “2012 is a unique vintage. ..The vines adapted to the little amount of water so that there was less vegetation and the clusters were smaller. 2012 is a vintage where the final result is extraordinary. The wines are robust, compact with notes of dark fruit. The 2012 Brunello of Uccelliera is elegant and complex. All in all 2012 is similar to 2004…”
After cold maceration with the skins during the first 9-10 days of vinification, the alcoholic fermentation and the maceration with the skins lasted for 20 days. Only indigenous yeast was responsible for the fermentation (Andrea does not use selected yeast starting from the 2004 vintage). The malo-lactic fermentation took place in steel. The wine matured in Slavonian large oak casks of a capacity of 40 Hectolitres and in French oak barrels of a capacity of 225 litres (the percentage of new wood was very small) for 36 months. The wine was then blended at the beginning of 2016 in steel and bottled at the end of June
The production was of 26,000 bottles.

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2012 “Voliero”
In 2006 Andrea started a new project, together with other producers of the area friends of his, with the aim of enhancing the different aspects of the extraordinary “terroir” of Montalcino, and a Rosso and a Brunello are bottled under the brand-name of “Voliero”. The vineyards stand at an altitude of 250-450 meters above sea level with various exposures and the vines are between 10 and 20 years old.
“This wine is elegant and refined,” Andrea tells us. “it is a wine that has a characteristic of freshness due to the altitude of the vineyards.….”
Fermentation (with wild yeast) and maceration with the skins in steel with a very careful control of the temperature for 22-25 days. The wine matured in large Slavonian and French oak casks (20-40 Hl) for 30 months.
The production was of 7,800 bottles.