Franco Troiani

On Monday 30th of June I attended the funeral of Franco Troiani.  When he did not return Friday evening his son Matteo went to call him to dinner. Franco died of an apparent heart attack and was found still on his tractor in the vineyards. So unexpected the family is devastated.

We have known and worked with Franco for over two decades, much of his all too short 55 year life. I cannot think of a single disagreement. There were no cross words among the very few words we exchanged. He did not need to hear his own voice but would always listen. He created Fontaleoni and quietly, steadily and surely lead it to success. If only there were more like him.

Fontaleoni is his legacy and he leaves it shining in the hands of his children. Matteo is completely prepared and capable, as is Simona. Giorgia, the youngest, is just now taking exams. While this moment si terribly sad, Franco leaves us a most auspicious future.

Sebastian de Grazia