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Cirò Rosso Classico Superiore

Wine name:Cirò Rosso Classico Superiore

Appellation:CIRO DOC

Zone:Cirò Marina (province of Crotone)

Vineyard extension (hectares):11

Blend:100% Gaglioppo

Vineyard age (year of planting):Gaglioppo 2004,1974

Soil Type:Clayey, calcareous


Altitude:50 meters above sea level

Colour:Ruby red tending to garnet

Nose:Very floral and elegant, violet notes

Flavour:Vibrant tannins supported by a good acidity

Serving temperature (°C):18-20

Match with:Flavourful baby goat cooked in the oven, red meat dishes

Average no. bottles/year:3,300

Grape yield per hectare tons:5


Vineyard density: 5,500-7,500 meters above sea level. Grape production per vine: 0.5 kgs. Leguminous plants are sown on the aisles between the rows of vines, they are then cut and worked into the soil as green manure.

Vinification and ageing

The clusters are picked by hand and placed in boxes. The harvest started on the 30th of September. Maceration with the skins for 14 days without temperature control. Fermentation with wild yeasts. The wine then matures for 10 months in glazed concrete tanks. Finishing in the bottle for 7 months

Wine Producer



Address:Via Mandorleto, 47 88811 Cirò Marina Crotone

Owner:Cataldo Calabretta

Year of establishment:2008

Total annual production:15000

Total vineyard extension (hectares):14

Planted varietals and extension (hectares):1.5ha Alicante 1ha Ansonica 11ha Gaglioppo 0.5ha Malvasia

Vine training system:
Cordon spur
Freestanding system

Type of viticulture:certified organic

Harvest period:end of August/September/October

Agronomist:Cataldo Calabretta

Oenologist:Cataldo Calabretta


The members of the Calabretta family have been viticulturists for four generations and have produced wine since the 1970s. The father of the present owner, Cataldo Calabretta, had a vine nursery. Cataldo studied oenology and viticulture in Milan and worked for various estates in Italy from 2000 to 2008. In 2008 he established this estate with his sisters Maria and Michela. Between 2008 and 2012 the old cellar was restructured together with the existing glazed concrete vats (these are frequently found in the cellars of southern Italy). In 2012 the Cirò Rosso Classico wine was bottled for the first time. The philosophy of Cataldo is focussed on the production of Cirò Rosso, an ancient wine the origin of which goes back to the Greeks and the Bizantines. This Cirò is  made exclusively with Gaglioppo grapes, the vineyards stand on hills (the average altitude is approximately 50 meters above sea level) and the vines are freestanding. Cataldo says that his Cirò is the expression of the century old experience of the “Cirotani” viticulturists and that is why the “arciglione” an instrument used to prune freestanding vines in this area is designed on the label.

The estate is certified organic.

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